Monitoring (FCR System)
Together with beekeeper associations, we select limited territories that our researchers visit in order to characterize and evaluate the health of chosen apiaries. To do this, we use a monitoring model developed by Fraunhofer Chile Research.
Visit to selected producers to learn about their production practices and possible health gaps in bee populations.
Clinical evaluation of hives and apiaries health condition, the rates of infestation by Varroa destructor or other possible etiological agents, according to the particularities of each country.
Agrochemicals analysis present in “bee bread”.

We are developing, implementing and validating training models and methods in specific territories. By doing so, we seek to positively impact beekeeping health in Latin America.

This includes:

Methodological development to systematize and measure the effects of the adoption of best practices.

Brochures with practical content on beehive health:

  • Good production practices.
  • Preventive sanitary measures.
  • Integrated management for disease control.
  • Disinfection of wood materials.

Systematic training for beekeepers with practical meetings in demonstrative apiaries in their locality.

A field notebook for beekeepers to systematically record their  activities.

Bee Health Network

We are forming a Latin American exchange network to generate and disseminate integrated, systematized and accessible knowledge about health management with a preventive approach. This network is aimed at researchers, professionals, technicians and other social actors. Its objectives are:

Allow the exchange and dissemination of monitoring and training results applied in each of the countries included in Salud Apícola 2020 LatAm.

To unite institutions, researchers, technicians and beekeepers associations, contributing to aligning criteria and recommendations about sanitary management of the species, in correspondence with the current agricultural and beekeeping productive paradigms of Latin America.

To generate knowledge on scientific bases that support the proposal ofstrategies for health management, improving the productive and health situation of the sector in the participating countries


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