Towards a better sanitary and environmental bee management in Latin America.

Bee Health Latin America approaches bee health management with the preventive approach of One Health.

We are working to identify health risks affecting apiaries in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica.

The origin of bee health loss is multifactorial. Through field monitoring we detect the most relevant factors in each locality and train beekeepers to improve their practices throughout the production chain, reconciling productive and environmental interests.

Food supplement could prevent American foulbrood

A team of young Chilean researchers won a fund to validate the product’s business model, which would act by killing the spores of the aggressive bacteria. A researcher of Bee Health 2020 gives her opinion in Revista del Campo (El Mercurio).

Climate change has turned the destructive Varroa more aggressive

The parasite is killing bee colonies faster, according to a study by the Chilean Universidad Mayor. La Tercera newspaper gives details about these and other threats to bees.

Tips to improve bee health in Colombia

In the AgroNegocios section of the Colombian newspaper La República, our researcher Mayda Verde gives her advice to improve bee health in that country, based on monitoring held by Bee Health 2020 in the Cauca Department.

Bees: great allies for agricultural expansion in Peru

Bees: great allies for agricultural expansion in Peru

In addition to ensuring water, Peru's commitment to Hass avocado crops involves paradigm changes that ensure conditions to promote honey bees as pollinators for sustainable agriculture. The idea of a desert where leafy avocados grow in the sand sounds like a fiction....

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Colombia now has its Beekeeper’s Notebook

Colombia now has its Beekeeper’s Notebook

The material, which can be downloaded for free, was adapted from the version created by Bee Health 2020 LatAm researchers for Chilean beekeepers. It includes information on Africanized honey bee management and climatic characteristics of Colombia. To meet the...

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Towards a better sanitary and environmental management of beekeeping in Latin America.


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